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About Us
Our Vision
To bring together ladies that have a common bond: fishing.

About the Association
Founded in 2004, the Texas Lady Anglers (TLA) association focuses on bringing more women to the sport of fishing, while promoting conservation and safety. TLA provides networking opportunities among women anglers and we encourage mentorship within the association.

Our Members
Texas Lady Anglers are diverse, independent, and are from all over the great state of Texas. We have a passion for learning and sharing together.

Our Founders

Patricia Picco
Pat Picco is a CoFounder of Texas Lady Anglers. The moment Pat caught her first trout, she was hooked on fishing.

Combining her love for travel with her love of fishing, Pat began searching for places she wanted to visit and also could fish. Pat talked her friend and fishing partner, Patti, into taking a trip to the Florida Keys. On that trip, she and Patti wondered if a ladies fishing organization for the Texas Gulf Coast would be of interest to other lady anglers.

Pat and Patti have since handed the organization over to it's members in order to continue their vision but we will always be grateful for their leadership.

Patti Polensky
Patti and Pat met while working for a consulting firm about 14 years ago. After many hours of travelling to numerous parts of the world together, they became great friends. They embarked on another adventure, bringing together other area women who love to fish.

Patti and her husband Chad live on the bay and have been fishing together for more than 17 years. This is Patti's largest redfish to date, except for the one the shark ate (see photo album). This fish was released as soon as the photo session was completed.

Patti is also the Cofounder of the Texas Lady Angler.