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Texas Lady Anglers

Lady anglers reel in nice flounder catches

By: Joe Kent
The Daily News

Published November 19, 2006

Fishing improved on Saturday and nice catches of flounder showed up at the cleaning and weigh-in tables. Offshore, the seas calmed and clear water set in, resulting in a return of some of our summertime species.

Saturday afternoon, I visited the weigh-in for the Texas Lady Anglers Fishing Tournament over at Boudreaux's on Offats Bayou. While watching the lady anglers weigh-in some nice flounder, I visited with professional weigh-master Chris “Tree” McLean. Chris had just recovered from a near fatal bout with a bacterial staff infection, picked up while fishing in his kayak. He asked if I would alert anglers to the dangers of not treating cuts and abrasions incurred while fishing, especially in the bays. McLean's infection was not from the well-known and deadly bacteria Vibro Vulnificus, but from another hostile strain. The bottom line is to use antiseptics on any cuts right away and keep an eye out for any signs of infection. You may recall we addressed the dangers and symptoms of the Vibro strain in the Aug. 28 edition of the Reel Report.

One of the ladies brought her first flounder to the table and she happened to be the youngest angler in the group. Ten-year-old Lexi Drake proudly entered her 1.33-pound fish in the competition. Lexi is the daughter of Pat Drake, one of the directors of the tournament. Tournament winners will be noted in a subsequent edition.

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