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Redfish Shootout

In 2006, we held the 1st ever all-ladies Redfish Tournament in Rockport, TX on Saturday, September 30, 2006. And for 2007, we have added two more locations and dates to create the 1st ever all-ladies Redfish Tournament Series!!

The dates and locations for the 2007 series are:

- April 28th: Rockport, TX - Winners - Team Laguna, Sharon Stewart and Cindy Ramond
- July 28th: Seadrift, TX - Winners - Team Woodee, Roberta Lopis and Ann Curry
- September 29th: Galveston, TX - Winners - Team Salty Dawgs, Tammy Barr and Dawn Pakebusch

Overall Series Winners - Tammy Barry and Dawn Pakebusch

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